Polytop MX® is a long-lasting ejection system with a constantly high quality. PolyMX is committed to a business model that enhances profitability and works with a selected worldwide partner network. PolyMX Partners are all certified and offer you thorough knowledge and experience concerning the possibilities of this long-lasting ejection material. Thanks to this partner network you can count on high performance dies with extremely long lifetime and even better end products. This offers you decisive competitive advantages comparing users of conservative rubbers.

How to recognize a real Polytop MX® die?
1) By the colour coded hardness range;
2) By the unique Polytop MX® label.

Each Polytop MX® die is marked with a label. When you experience any doubts concerning the authenticity of your supplied die, you can always ask your supplier for the recognizable label.

To be contacted by PolyMX, you can always fill out the contact form.

Don't settle for less than Polytop MX®!