Polytop MX® 600 is specially designed for rotary die-cutting and has high physical and chemical properties. The material is extremely durable and has a low surface resistance. During usage both the hardness and thickness of the material stay constant. That makes Polytop MX® extremely durable.

Polytop MX® 600 is available in various hardnesses – ranging from Shore A10 to A60. This guarantees an ultimate functional finish each time with as result a smooth dieing process and a considerable reduction of dust. Each hardness can be identified according to its own colour, so the material can easily be fixed and controlled. Due to the sealed topcoat, Polytop MX® prevents absorption of ink into the material.

Do you wish to discover the benefits of this long-lasting ejection material by yourself, please feel free to contact PolyMX. Each die maker and packaging plant can count on the right (technical) support to build up a high-performance die with Polytop MX®.