Nothing can substitute experience....

A quote of the Brazillian writer Paolo Coelho.
A quote that can apply at your (summer) holidays, but also at your business.
Be brave enough to be different and take risks, to multiply the experience.

PolyMX has had an exciting and productive first half year. Therefore, we will take a small break.
PolyMX is closed from 31th of July untill 4th of August 2017. On Monday 7 August we are well rested and full of new experiences and happy to assist you again.

On behalf of the PolyMX team, we wish you a great holiday!

Make that check at your wish list and collect moments!

We are pleased to announce you that the German company Cito has bought 50% of the shares of PolyMX. 

Last years, PolyMX is, partly thanks to the product Polytop MX®, grown into an international company. PolyMX has always been a family owned company and with this (small) team, we have introduced and marketed products to be proud of. However, the core of PolyMX has always been to develop and produce polyurethane products. The knowledge and experience regarding the production of high quality products is where the power of PolyMX is situated.
Cito, on the other hand, is a company with a worldwide sales network and many years of experience in the die cutting industry. This offers us the opportunity to strengthen our sales-force and at the same time, focus again at doing wherever we are good at: improve and introduce products which provide added value to the die cutting industry.

PolyMX will soon expand the production capacity to be able to upscale the sales. Besides, in close cooperation with the R&D department of Cito, we will focus at the implementation of product improvements and develop new products that will optimise the die cutting process. The coming period will be used to find out if more synergy effects can be realised for our customers as a result of this cooperation.

Download here the press release regarding this take-over.

 cito polymx 1


They also name it the 'next generation' brand challenges, consumer needs and packaging innovations, which are transforming the packaging industry. 
Market intelligence agency Mintel did some research to the trends of 2017 and the impact of all involved packaging suppliers. They reveald 5 key trends for 2017:

1. The (re)union of package structure and branding
2. The face and role of packaging online
3. Packaging gets smart, Active and Intelligent
4. The experience of packaging
5. Extend my brand

In particular the role of the growing online business and 'the experience of pacakaging' covers an important role for die making. 

You can easily >>download the packaging trends at the website of Mintel.

Folding carton is used for packaging that has to catch the eye, but - not to forget - also needs extra eyes of the producer.

For example packaging for pharmacy or food and beverage packaging.  Also for these applications Polytop MX® has proven to be extremely succesfull. 
Enough reasons to desing a specific flyer for folding carton with directly related product advantages at a row: Download here the digital flyer.


Contribute to the world of tomorrow, that's also one of the missions of PolyMX.
Of course we do everything possible to minimize CO2 emissions, but we also find it important to do something to compensate. Because no matter how hard we try, completely elimination of CO2 emissions is not yet a possibility.

That is why we have chosen to plant new trees through the organization Trees for All, which is the only foundation in the Netherlands with a CBF-hallmark. The projects of Trees for All have an economic, ecological and social value to society and contribute to a healthier climate. More information about Trees for All can be found at: